The Story Behind Made In Earth

The Story Behind Made In Earth

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Made In Earth's flagship gallery has now been located in the culture-rich heart of St. Kilda for the past 11 years, and with two more stores in the USA (LA & San Diego); we are reinforcing our brand as the go-to for the highest quality gemstone jewellery available.

As our brand and mission spreads by the day, we honour our ethos and stay true to our original commitment of providing beautiful, ethically sourced jewels from natures creations. With that, lets take a look at the history, mission, growth, and excitement behind Made In Earth!..

History & Inspiration

  • Origins - Made In Earth first began at urban design markets of Melbourne in 1999. The inspiration for its founding was really quite simple, owner and lead designer Bunny Bedi fell in love with Gemstone Geology and Aura. By chance, Bunny's original favourite stone was Malachite. This gemstone, known as the stone of transformation aligned with his journey into gemstone jewellery and further, the creation of Made In Earth. 
  • Provenance - In creating our jewellery, the story and sourcing of each stone is at the forefront of our offering. In dealing with over 230 stones from around the globe, the team at Made In Earth love to provide clients with detailed information and insight into the origins, location, and formation of each stone, as every gem is just as unique as the next. From crystals to fossils, and rare-earth metals, we have among some of the most exciting natural jewellery available, all of which are set in 925 Sterling Silver or Vermeil.

Growth & Development

With that, Bunny started selling his hand-made gemstone jewellery at the Melbourne markets and began gaining a reputation for high-quality gemstone jewellery. With hard work came success, eventually leading to the opening of the Made In Earth gallery in the heart of St. Kilda which has been growing its client base since 2013. This unique space showcases the amazing gemstones in the Made In Earth collection and is also one of the largest in Australia.

International Expansion

Complimenting his success around Australia, Bunny also opened two international stores; both in the USA. One gallery is located in Del Mar, San Diego, and the other on the famous Venice Beach of Los Angeles. Since their opening, a wonderful client base has been built up globally with the inclusion of some high profile celebrities! check out our Instagram and see who you can spot...

Future Proofing

Following the success of our brick and mortar galleries, Made In Earth saw the potential to expand through online exposure. With gemstone culture growing and both its geological and metaphysical attributes gaining more recognition, the chance to offer our gemstone jewellery on a worldwide scale was an exciting prospect. While a website did exist in the earlier years of Made In Earth, a greater focus towards eCommerce was pursued in 2016. 
Since then we have seen excellent growth through our online gallery and store, and have developed a wonderful following on our various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Some of our stunning lifestyle shots below:

Building Relationships

As a small business, we have always really appreciated our customers support, both new and returning. In such a niche market, to get where we have today is something we are exceptionally proud of, while keeping in line with our underlying ethos of quality, sustainability, and provenance. Week after week we are committed to providing new and exciting content, products, and information to both our in-store and online clients. From social media content, blogs, or having our galleries buzzing with excitement and vibrancy; we love to build personal relationships with all our followers and visitors. 
Of late, we have implemented our rewards program to allow customers gain loyalty points with us, for use in-store and online. We are also beginning to implement exciting new features and collection drops to keep our content and offering new and at the forefront of natural gemstone jewellery. 

With a strong start to 2023, built on a history of hard work and commitment to a craft we believe so heavily in, our future is looking not only exciting, but strong. With so many new ideas and creations on the way, provided by a team who loves what they do, we cannot wait to take you on the journey with us!

The Made In Earth Team ⬡