Vermeil vs. Gold-Plating.

Vermeil vs. Gold-Plating.

Our designer, Bunny first launched his Made Gold collection over 15 years ago, comprising of a selection of his unique natural gemstone jewellery in decadent 14k vermeil gold. But what exactly is vermeil?

Vermeil is a luxurious finish that can be applied to silver jewellery to make them appear gold. This definition can often be confused with gold-plated finishes. However, its differences can determine the quality, longevity, and reactivity of your jewellery... 

Jewellery can only be considered vermeil if the underlying metal is strictly 925 sterling silver, whereas 'gold-plated' jewellery can be coated over any type of alloy metal. This means the gold could be covering elements such as nickel, brass, copper or aluminium. 

When jewellery gets coated in gold, they undergo an electroplating process, where a thin layer of gold is coated over the base metal as to not distort the original shape of the design. However, this does mean that this thin, delicate layer will begin to wear slowly over time after being exposed to water, natural oils or just general wear, slowly turning into a beautiful vintage-looking gold. 

However, the trouble with gold-plating is that once this gold layer begins to wear off, the alloy metals beneath it begin to resurface and starts to tarnish drastically, shortening its longevity and exposing the wearer to the inevitable erosion process, making the jewellery weaker, duller (and even making your skin turn green!). 

While gold-coated sterling silver can still be considered vermeil, there is no guarantee that it is; therefore, calling it vermeil helps distinguish this, making sure your jewellery stays beautiful for longer! 

Vermeil is an incredibly cost-effective alternative to Gold jewellery, offering you the same luxuries of wearing beautiful golden jewels and the additional flexibility of going back to silver when you change your style! 

Bunny loves the look of rich, lush green gemstones in vermeil. Emeralds, Chrysocolla Malachite, Nephrite Jade and his favourite, Jadeite. The juxtaposition between the vibrant, golden lustre of Gold against the deep, luxurious viridescence brings a sense of effortless opulence, and is a timeless, unisex combination for years to come.

Thinking about changing your look from silver to Gold? You Midas well!
Book in a bespoke piece with our designer, Bunny! A large majority of our jewellery can be transformed into vermeil, just enquire with our stylists or come in and drop off your well-loved MIE pieces and we can give them a new, lavish life! 

Take a look at our Made Gold collection to see how incredible these natural crystals look in delicious vermeil, or grab some inspiration for your next bespoke order with us!

To protect your jewellery from premature damage, please note the care instructions attached to your invoice, or take a look at our Jewellery Care notes on our blog!