Artists are some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. They are the people that want to make your community proud. Their work is deeply personal to them and they want to make sure it matters when it’s done.

Local artists matter because our community does better with them around. They matter because they care and they want to continue making things better in our area.

During these times we would like to support local artists who are also our friends.

Without ART the EARTH is just "EH"

Bunny Bedi




Scott Owen


Scott Owen is the upright bassist in Australian rock band The Living End. His journey in this band began with schoolmate Chris Cheney in the early ‘90’s and still continues to unfold today. In their fruitful history they have won multiple ARIA awards, had multiple albums at the no.1 position on the charts, sold multi platinum albums and singles, toured internationally and played as main support act to some of rock music’s biggest icons such as AC/DC and the Rolling Stones. 

As well as a passion for playing music, Scott has a passion for drawing. He has a distinct style of geometric drawing which is his interpretation of the Mandala. His drawings are done completely freehand without the use of any tools. They’re never perfectly symmetrical. There is never any draft or direction when one of his drawings is begun, rather his intention is to simply surrender to the process and allow the drawing to emerge on its own terms. He describes the feeling of drawing these pieces as much like a meditation. The simplicity of black pen on paper allows the viewer to not only interpret what is drawn but also what emerges in the negative space. 

Scott has produced his first ever edition of screen prints for sale. 
To browse and find details check out Scott’s insta/fb pages where he can be contacted directly @scott.owen

Prints will come marked as "First Edition" and will be signed and numbered.

Berlin Octopus Graffiti, 480x360mm, $60 + postage, limited edition print run of 50

Maya Tree, 560x480mm, $80 + postage, limited edition print run of 50

Road Runner, 480x360mm, $60 + postage, limited edition print run of 50

Square Mandala, 480x360mm, $60 + postage, limited edition print run of 50

Four Meditators, 480x360mm, $60 + postage, limited edition print run of 50

Seahorse Bat Snake, 840x720mm, $100 + postage, limited edition print run of 15