Our Story

Founded by Bunny Bedi in 1999, Made In Earth started in the urban design markets of Melbourne. It's now grown, spanning across the globe with jewellery galleries in San Diego, Los Angeles and it's home town of Melbourne.

It all began when Bunny came across a piece of Malachite and was instantly attracted to it. This gem, known as the stone of transformation, was what began his life-changing journey into the world of natural gemstones.

Inspired by the endless possibilities of nature he started creating jewellery. Each of his one-of-a-kind pieces has its own story to tell, from where it was sourced, how it was formed, to its spiritual significance. Using 925-sterling silver to handcraft his designs, he focuses on the natural beauty of each individual stone, allowing it to be the hero.

Selling his unique designs at the markets, business blossomed quickly and he soon began wholesaling and has since developed a strong reputation for high-quality gemstone jewellery with a long list of retailers across Australia. 

Opening a flagship store in Australia had been a vision of Bunny’s and in 2013 he made this dream a reality with the launch of the first Made In Earth gallery, located in the heart of St Kilda. This unique space showcases the amazing gemstones in the Made In Earth collection and is also one of the largest in Australia.

Bunny hopes the stories he creates with each piece can become part of someone else’s story, enjoyed now and for generations to come.

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