Are the gemstones guaranteed?

Made In Earth guarantees the quality and authenticity of all of our gemstones.


What metals do you use and is the silver guaranteed?

All of the silver that we use is 92.5% silver and is stamped with a 925 hallmark for sterling silver. We also have a collection with 14k gold Vermeil finish on 925 sterling silver.


How do I care for my MIE jewellery?

To maintain and extend the life of your MIE jewellery, avoid contact with any form of moisture (even the steam from the bathroom), along with any cleaning chemicals, beauty products, hair sprays and perfumes. Please note that when some chemicals, such as bleach, come in contact with the silver or stones, it can result in permanent and irreversible damage.

A silver polishing cloth, provided complementary with all MIE purchases is the best way to remove tarnish. When the jewellery is not being worn, it should be kept in a safe, dry environment such as a jewellery box or pouch. If these steps are followed, you will enjoy wearing your beautiful MIE piece for many years.

Midas Touch Collection – 14k gold vermeil finish
If you have purchased a piece with a 14k Gold vermeil finish please note that over time, the silver underneath the vermeil may begin to tarnish, and a blotchy appearance might become visible. To remove this, using a cotton ball, dab gently with windex. Do not use a polishing cloth - which may remove the gold along with the discolouration. If the silver begins to show through, your jewellery may need to go through the vermeil process again. We offer a 6 month warranty on all vermeil, if the finish starts fading or becomes visible bring your piece to any of our galleries for a one time complementary refinish, if its been longer then 6 months we are happy to send your piece out for a small charge. Bring your piece in to any gallery for a quote on cost and time of the revermeil. Cost varies due to fluctuating gold prices.

Matte and Oxidised
If you have purchased a piece with a matte or oxidised finish you need to be aware that these are surface treatments. Over time they will wear off. Avoid rubbing or polishing vigorously as this can remove the surface finish. Bring your piece in to any gallery for a quote on cost and time for a re-finish.


Where are your stones sourced?

Since our company has been in business for more than 15 years, we have built relationships with mine owners and gem dealers from all over the world. Countries such as Brazil, India, Australia and Madagascar are hot spots for beautiful gemstones, so naturally we have a large selection from these locations. With our vast array of gemstones, we also source many of our gemstones from other exotic global locations including outer space. No matter the location, we select only the highest grade of gemstones.


How do I know the actual size of a piece?

Because our pieces vary dramatically in size please note the approximate stone measurements have been listed next to each piece to help you best judge the size of your selections as a worn piece. If you’re still unsure of the piece’s size you can reach one of our stylists at info@madeinearth.com.au and they would be happy to send you an image with the piece being worn to show the proportions.


Can my ring be resized?

Yes! For an additional $30.00 charge we can resize most rings, with the exception of certain designs and delicate stones.Please enquire with our gallery team at info@madeinearth.com.au


How do I know what finger size I am?

We have a sizing chart available via the link below for you to see the sizing conversions. By measuring the circumference of your finger you will know what size you are.

Determine your finger size


Can you adjust the length of chains? Can I change the finish of my chain?

Most of our chains come in variable lengths and thicknesses. Click here for some advice from our stylists on picking the right chain or contact a stylist personally to discuss different chain options. We can give your chain a different customised finish such as oxidised, vermeil or satin finish.


Where else can I purchase Made In Earth jewellery and products?

If you’re not in Melbourne and would like to view our collections at another location click here to find your nearest stockist.

Travelling to the USA … Alternatively you can visit our USA website to find our other jewellery gallery locations.


What is your return policy?

Online Sales
If the item is not quite what you were looking for, you have a 14-day return privilege from the date on which you received your purchase. Once we receive the purchased item in the same condition, we’ll give you a full refund (excluding any postage costs). If a returned item doesn’t reach us within two weeks from the time you receive it, we will assume you intend to keep the item and the transaction will become final.

In-Gallery Purchases
We offer a 14-day exchange privilege from the day you purchase your item. Providing the item is returned unworn and in its original condition, we can also issue you gallery credit to spend at your convenience. We do not offer refunds. We do not exchange for change of mind.


I can't find what i'm looking for. How can I view more products?

We always recommend a visit to our gallery for the full Made In Earth experience. Our online store showcases a small selection from our vast 180 gemstone strong collection. Contact our gallery team at info@madeinearth.com.au with your enquiries and a stylist will be in touch with further information on pricing and availability.


Do I need to visit the gallery to make a purchase?

We always recommend a visit to our gallery as the beauty of each stone is best appreciated in the flesh. If you find yourself far away and have fallen in love with a specific piece of jewellery we can arrange payment over the phone and to have the item safely posted to your door. Contact our gallery team at info@madeinearth.com.au with your enquiries and a stylist will be in touch with further information on pricing and availability.

We may also have a stockist of our jewellery at a more convenient proximity to where you live. Click here to find your nearest stockist.


What are the various methods of payment you accept?

We accept cash, eftpos and most credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


How long will it take to receive my purchase?

For items ready to ship at the time of purchase, please allow up to five business days to receive them. We use Australia Post for all orders within Australia. If the item needs to be resized or a special finish has been requested, please allow up to three weeks for your delivery – two weeks for labour and one week for shipping.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We send registered international shipping through Australia Post. Prices vary depending on package size and destination. Contact us for a quote.


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! They can be purchased online starting from $50. Please contact us to purchase a gift card with an amount different than those available online.


Do you have a Warranty Policy?

At Made In Earth, we have a quality control team who works hard to ensure all of our jewellery meets our workmanship standard and is free of defects. On the rare occasion that your piece is compromised due to an inherent fault in manufacturing, we will take responsibility and repair/replace your item at no cost. 

Midas Touch – 14k gold and rose gold vermeil finish
Our Midas Touch Collection is a selection of our sterling silver jewellery with a 14K Vermeil gold finish. This collection is covered by a 6-month warranty. This service is not permanent and will wear off over time. Through our own testing, we have concluded that pieces will wear minimally during this 6-month period and will only show the underlying silver when harshly scratched or etched from chemicals and beauty products. If full precautions are taken, your Midas Touch jewellery may retain its vermeil finish for 12 to 24 months.

However, our guarantee does not cover damage caused by actions of the wearer that do not reflect the manufacture or design. In these cases we cannot cover your jewellery under our manufacturers warranty. This includes:

-    General wear and tear 

-    Damage cause by accidents or mistreatment 

-    Exposure to chemicals and corrosive detergents

-    Exposure to extreme temperatures 

-    Water damage and soap build-up

-    Catching claws and settings on furniture and clothing

When we replace an item, we will do so to the closest possible match. As our pieces are one-off, we cannot guarantee that an exact replacement is possible.

Please take time to read our Care Guide for instructions on how to best take care of your Made In Earth jewellery.