Finding Your Gemstone

Finding Your Gemstone

The word 'crystal' is derived from the greek word Krystallos meaning 'coldness drawn together'. Many allude to crystal jewellery as an extension of your personality, noting that every individual has their own presence and aura. The wide variety of the physical qualities of gemstones, like cloudiness, transparency, and abilities to refract and emit light, stimulates our sensual pleasures. With such a variety of gemstones, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one truly represents you, so to help, we have put together a guide to help you through the process...


The first and easiest way to gain an understanding of your gemstone is to trust your intuition in the way in which you perceive colours and materials. To do this, close your eyes and imagine what colours bring you happiness, calmness and other emotions you would like to feel on a regular basis. If a particular colour sticks out, this is a good sign. With that, take your colour and take a look at some gemstones that house this tone. From here, do a simple analysis of the stones, paying particular attention to shape, feel, opacity and refraction. Your mind will slowly start to gravitate towards your preferred piece. 

Next, you should take the stone that appeals to you the most and begin doing some research on the meaning behind it and its metaphysical aura. Most importantly you may want to consider whether the stones properties align with you, are its benefits ones you need? If you're torn between a few gemstones, this can be a deciding factor. It may also be worth your while to consider what your birthstone is, as often these resonate well with people and hold significance. 

Once you have chosen your stone and wish to invest in some beautiful jewellery, you should consider the type of setting that you'd like to house your beautiful gem in! This may be a gold or silver bands or chains, and considering the feel of your gemstone is also important i.e., facetted, Cabochon etc. and always considering your clothing style and wardrobe, this will help you pick a very versatile piece!

If you are struggling to find what gemstone is most suited to you, pop in store or message us online and our team of stylists would be more than happy to go through the intricacies of our crystals to help you find your perfect piece 💖 💎