Manifesting Luck through Gemstones

Manifesting Luck through Gemstones

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With St. Patrick's Day approaching, we thought it timely to write a fun article on the Gemstones that are believed to harness luck and bring fortune to the wearer. Read below as we delve into the metaphysical properties, imagery, and styling of these choice good luck stones!



The beautiful and vibrant Sunstone is a gem heavily attributed to good luck and fortune. Aiding all Chakras, it is said to delegate good nature and allow happiness to prevail for those wearing it. Also removing stress from the wearer, Sunstone is said to function as an antidepressant, giving the feeling of self-confidence and optimism through its self-healing properties. 

On the eye, Sunstone is a beautiful shade of orange, complimentary of its name. As seen in the image below (left), there are several layers of depth with strong peripheral tones leading into a particle-like centre feature. The slight opacity of the gemstone allows light to enter, causing a beautiful radiance from the crystal. While this particle-effect is common of standard Sunstone, another variant: Oregon Sunstone (right), is beige in colour and less translucent, with a stunning silk-like feel across the crystal. Both are wonderful gems for everyday wear and manifestation.  



Not just an aesthetically pleasing colour, the Turquoise Gemstone is one that has left its legacy throughout a history of cultures. Poised with bringing good luck and fortune; as Decembers Birthstone, it is also heavily attributed to peace and protection. Emitting a calming aura, it is believed that the Turquoise gemstone spiritually connects heaven and earth. 

Physically, Turquoise is no stranger to jewellery ensembles, and is a gemstone regularly showered with compliments. Visually, the dark brown undertones resemble the rich depths of earth radiating through a blanket of heaven, as represented by the primary green-blue hue. Also, up to ones interpretation; the tonal colours showcased below conceptualise Plato's Atlantis or Poseidon's Trident, as the brown shade almost electrifies throughout the softer turquoise colour-wash. A beautiful and empowering stone, rich in colour, strength, and good fortune.

Variants: Tibetan, Kingsman, Ammaroo, Campo Frio, Sleeping Beauty


Black Onyx

Indicative of good fortune, Black Onyx is a stone also said to abolish negative energy for those who wear it. A gem of utmost strength, its primary meaning is said to be protection and fortune. Further, Black Onyx is said to emit a forcefield of protection, so to shield the wearer form harm. As a Chakra stone, Black Onyx keeps one grounded, given its earthly connection. 

Physically, Black Onyx is an elegant and classy stone. Though visually simplistic, it is a gemstone easily paired with any ensemble of jewellery, clothing or other accessories. It's deep static black colour boasts a clean form look that will easily pair with any outfit. While stunning on our 925 Sterling Silver settings, our Black Onyx in Vermeil Gold is what we believe to be our most under appreciated creation, reinstating a timeless cameo piece synonymous with historic jewellery. 



A stone we wanted to include given is positive aura's, Sapphire is a stone that is said to attract abundance and blessing, while also protecting against negative energies. Delving into intimacy, Sapphire is a stone connected with romance and as such is often present in engagement rings.. we've had many a bespoke request! Traditionally regarded as a stone of prosperity, Sapphires are a prominent aristocratic stone, featuring throughout many cultures around the world for its inarguable charm and rarity.

As a jewellery piece, Sapphire is a strong shade of blue that is beautifully exaggerated when set in sterling silver. While undoubtedly a stunning ring, necklace, or bracelet, we would argue that sapphire is best showcased in a set of fine earrings. While earrings are generally a more subtle, physical presence, Sapphires bold shade of blue offsets the minimalism of earrings creating a beautiful balance between boldness and subtle elegance. Be it drop earrings, stud, or hoop, Blue Sapphire is definitely one to gift to a significant other or to yourself... 



Our final pick, Citrine is believed to manifest fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Further to that, Citrine is said to enhance creativity and heighten one's imagination. Backing artistic nature Citrine is the perfect addition to an ensemble of those who wish to radiate vibrancy throughout their physical style and daily life. Specifically, Citrine is known as the 'Lucky Merchants Stone', again manifesting prosperity in relation to finance, money-making, and success. 

When worn, Citrine Gives beautiful yellow, sun-like tonalities, and is the perfect gemstone to wear as a statement ring or low hanging necklace. Beautiful with both Silver and Vermeil, the slight opacity of the stone perfectly balances and distributes the light that interacts with it, without overpowering your look. A wonderful piece for regular wear as it fits perfectly with the vibrancy of summer but also brings a feeling of warmth during Winter.