Valentine's Day Features

Valentine's Day Features

With less than a month left, we have created an exciting and refined collection of stunning handmade, gemstone jewellery that manifest love, affection and commitment; the perfect sentiment this Valentine's Day... See our top picks below or shop the full collection here!

Cobaltian Calcite necklace 💕

A stone said to bring joy and harmony, Cobalt Calcite is a stunning gem of contrasting subtle tones, one that gives a feeling of warmth and wholesomeness. This beautiful gemstone manifests the building of fulfilling relationships and is also believed to aid in the release of emotions. On the eye, there is beautiful and rustic sandy colour tones, which perfectly compliment the blush of rose flowing through the centre of the jewellery. A wonderful metaphor for the display of love shining through... Without doubt, our top pick this Valentine's 💕     shop now


Thulite drop earrings❣️

All jewellery pieces are a thoughtful sentiment during the month of love, but often the focus lays on necklaces and bracelets with the likes of rings and earrings being overlooked. With that, we firmly believe that few pieces of jewellery can look as subtle yet elegant as a stunning set of earrings, and these Thulite drops are second to none in that regard. As another pink stone, these earrings gives a strong aura of love while the darker tones display elegance, perfect for the woman in your life. Not just a sentiment, these earrings are perfect for dressing up or down, and will add a touch of class to any ensemble❣️    shop now


Emerald ring 💚

While our collection is tailored more towards women, Valentine's is also a day to recognise and show an extra bit of love to the man in your life. To maintain subtlety and versatility for wear, we've chosen a beautiful high-quality 925 sterling silver band with an off-centre Emerald stone as the highlight. Known as the Stone of Successful Love, the minimalism of the Emerald in contrast with the silver setting, gives versatility for wear whether it's a casual every day outfit, or one for more formal occasions. As a piece he doesn't yet know he needs, we are certain this unique ring will make him feel love and adoration this Valentine's 💚    shop now


Blue Topaz Pendant & Bracelet (for him & her) 💎 

Our final highlight, Topaz is the stone everyone can recognise, its stunning shade of crystal blue resembles that of clear skies and fresh water. Known as the gemstone of love, affection, and good fortune, it is the perfect showstopper gift for Valentine's, as the initial reveal of a blue Topaz piece is sure to leave them in awe. While the bracelet gives a more feminine look, the necklace should not be ruled out as an option for men. Pairing the pendant with a gold chain, though out of the ordinary, would give a stunning contrast and might just be the perfect compromise as a piece for him. 💎    shop necklace    shop bracelet