Amber - Rich Colour & Rich History

Amber - Rich Colour & Rich History

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For us at Made In Earth, Amber is one of the most interesting stones to discuss with clients. The formation of amber is a stunning process that occurs over millions of years. Not only is it rich in history and colour, but it's also is available at a respectable price point, making its a stunning and worthwhile investment all round. 

Believe it or not, Amber is not actually classified as a true Gemstone. Amber is the product of fossilised tree resin that can be between 30-90million years old. 

While Amber can be harvested worldwide, it is most closely associated with the Dominican Republic, Myanmar, and Europes Baltic Regions i.e., Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. 


  • Baltic Amber (40million y/o approx.) - Baltic region Amber is often found with the remains of flies, ants and lizards preserve in its core. This can result in a very interesting and beautiful piece of jewellery, rich in history and geological influence. 
  • Dominican Republic Amber (16-20million y/o approx.) - Dominican Republic Amber differs from that of Baltic in that the majority of Dominican Amber is Transparent. However, The Dominican Republic holds other rare coloured Amber such as small quantities of Red & Green, and the most sought after; Blue Amber.
  • Buremese Amber/Myanmar (100million y/o approx) - Over the course of history, Burmese Amber was often considered as a rarer and lesser known amber. However, in the last couple of decades, the renewed interest in Burmese Amber has seen the discovery of two new ant species, and several other insects. Burmese Amber is therefore the most valuable given its average age of 100millions years old. 


While not a traditional gemstone, Amber is categorised as an organic gemstone given its natural occurrence. Different from regular tree sap, Amber resin is specifically sourced from ancient evergreen trees (Pinus Succinifera), where the resin is fossilised over millions of years. This explains how insects may become trapped and too fossilised, as the resin is thick and sticky. 

Metaphysical meaning & properties

Ancient culture dictates Amber as the 'soul of the tiger' as well as being known as the stone of courage.

Amber is said to promote healing by absorbing and transforming negative energy into positive energy. Amber is a brilliant and bright relaxing energy that aids with manifestation. Also known as the purifying stone. Amber is said to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.

Amber is one of our favourite stones here at Made In Earth, its stunning rich colour is complimentary to all styles and complexion, displaying elegance and natural beauty through its natural formation. Carrying amber on your person as a piece of jewellery is a beautiful way to recognise the intricacies of organic formation and displays character not readily unique to other stones!

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