Silver & Vermeil Care

Silver & Vermeil Care

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While the Gemstone is often the highlight element to your jewellery, the chain or band on which it sits is essential in complimenting the overall look. Here at Made In Earth we have a beautiful range of 925 sterling silver and Vermeil settings of different styles and sizes and just like our gemstone guide, we have outlined the best way to maintain your beautiful pieces. 


Delicate Silver

Silver is a soft metal and not indestructible. Like most precious metals used for jewellery, silver van scratch and bend if not treated with care. Delicate designs need to be treated with care to ensure the silver does not bend, warp or break. Our fine wire necklaces, bands and bracelets are hand wrapped and not constructed like traditional settings. This includes clasps and findings, which can stretch and open if too much weight or pressure is applied. 

As is for all our jewellery, it is best to avoid contact with any moisture, be it steam, water, cleaning chemicals, make up, or perfumes. With the range of chemicals in these products, like bleach; they can damage the silver of your piece and the results may be permanent and irreversible. When showering, we recommend removing your jewellery and placing its on a soft cloth outside of the bathroom so to avoid moisture exposure. 

Your silver cleaning cloth, provided with your jewellery purchase, is made from 100 cotton and impregnated with cleaning & anti-tarnish agent. 


14k Gold Vermeil Finish

Should you purchase from our Made Gold collection, you will be purchasing a stunning 925 Sterling Silver chain, coated in 14k Gold. We highly recommend to adhere to the following guidance to maintain your Vermeil pieces post-purchase.

Over time the silver underneath the vermeil my begin to tarnish and a blotchy appearance might become visible. To remove this, we recommend dabbing the spot gently with Windex, using a cotton ball rather than a polishing cloth, as a cloth may be too abrasive against the Vermeil surface.

If silver begins to show through, your jewellery may need to go through the Vermeil plating process again. Simply bring your jewellery in to us and get a quote from our gallery team!

As always, avoid contact with any moisture, be it steam, water, cleaning chemicals, make up, perfumes or any other household products. It is recommended not to wear your jewellery in the shower and keep it away from possible bathroom condensation or moisture.