Our Unboxing Experience

Our Unboxing Experience

Here at made in earth we are as committed to the overall client experience as we are to the physical quality of our product. Over the last number of months, the team have been hard at work developing and revitalising our gifting and unboxing experience, so that the unique sentiment within our galleries is felt by our online clientele also. We believe the experience should not only extend beyond the purchase, but should last a lifetime. 


Made In Earth Custom Cases

Arguably our favourite change to date, we have put exceptional thought into our new Jewellery cases. To physically relay the brand identity, we have had custom jewellery cases made embodying the hexagonal symbol synonymous with Made in Earth. Our colour choice was a no brainer; keeping in line with the minimal and clean casing, we opted for a humble black and white colour scheme, maintaining class and elegance to compliment the gemstone jewellery inside. 

But we didn't stop at the exterior. Taking into account the various tones and settings of our jewellery, we had two cushion interiors made, one a black cushion, the other grey. These colours provide a stunning setting for the initial reveal of your Jewellery, a moment sure to be remembered. Finally, the cases look stunning atop a jewellery locker or cabinet for you to display your piece. And if you have more than one of our products, These hexagonal beauties fit seamlessly with each-other for a wonderful collective aesthetic.

100% Cotton Cloth with anti-tarnish

Keeping in line with our commitment to provide high-quality gemstones, our lead designer Bunny was set on ensuring that clients could maintain the beauty of their piece for life. Cutting no corners, he invested in the best quality cloth for maintaining the 925 sterling silver pieces. Not only have we sourced a beautiful 100% cotton jewellery cloth, but the cloth itself is impregnated with cleaner agent and anti-tarnish, specifically for maintaining your jewellery. Each Made In Earth order comes with a complimentary beige cloth embossed with our logo for you to keep your jewellery looking as stunning as the day you first opened it. 

Palo Santo Sticks

With Gemstone jewellery, the beauty does not only lie in the geological history of the piece. With the constant emergence of metaphysical meaning throughout gemstone culture, we thought it only right to acknowledge this positive, growing influence. 

Palo Santo is a Holy wood from the Palo Santo tree on the coast of South America. We use this wood as an incense, burning it to create a gentle smoke that releases medicinal, spiritual and therapeutic healing properties for both you and your crystals. Simply, burn the wood for 30 seconds, letting it extinguish itself. Carry the stick around your environment with a specific intention in mind, and let the swirls of earthy, citrus musk dance around you.

All in all, there is no definitive research that has proven cleansing to work on crystals. But as all things on Earth accumulate knowledge, there is never any harm in giving it a go for good measure!

Complimentary Tote & Story Cards

In aiming to provide clients with a unique and personal experience, we always love telling the story and history of Made In Earth. As such, your order will come with some information cards on who we are, as well as a cute Made In Earth postcard for you to use. Finally all the contents mentioned will be given to you in our exclusive branded tote bags, either nylon or woven, to ensure your purchase can be kept secure and safe.