The Story of Crystal Metaphysical Properties

The Story of Crystal Metaphysical Properties

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The culture of Crystal & Gemstone Metaphysical Properties is one that has been around for thousands of years. Throughout history, individual crystals have been associated with specific properties that are said to aid in the spiritual wellness of those who possess it. 


The origins of crystal metaphysical healing have been linked with famous historic entities and civilisations such as Plato, the Sumerians, The Ancient Egyptians, and The Ancient Greeks. The most common crystal attributes shared among these cultures was the power of healing, protection, love and rebirth, which still hold true in contemporary Gemology. 

Did you know?: The word crystal is actually derived from the Greek phrase Krystallos, meaning ice. 

Healing Properties

Medicinally, crystal healing is the belief that gems allow healing energy to enter the body and in turn, expel negative and disease causing energy. Also popular in health spas, crystals are said to aid in relaxation and the removal of physical & mental stress/fatigue in ones body. 

Choosing your Crystal

While the properties of all crystals are a positive aura suited to everyone, often people feel a connection with a specific crystal based on their natural beauty, colour, and the intricacies of that particular gem. To help find your Crystal check out our stone stories archive!

*The belief in Crystal Metaphysical 'properties' is derived from their use in culture throughout history. The information provided is with reference to other material and research on the phenomenon of crystal metaphysical healing. We recommend crystal 'healing' as complimentary therapy to conventional medicine, and should not take precedence over the recommendations of a medical professional.*