Muonionalusta Meteorite & Moldavite Tie Pin

Muonionalusta Meteorite & Moldavite

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Unique to meteorites, this piece exhibits a delicate ‘Widmanstätten pattern’ of crystalline iron and nickel; evidence of a true extra-terrestrial material. This special piece should make a statement and collaborate with your unique style. Known to aid in communication and endurance, wear this piece to achieve greatness.

The dark green glow and deep textures of Moldavite key features of this 15 million year old tektite. Wear this piece to attune yourself and prepare for an inter-dimensional connection.

These are limited edition pieces as part of a Stainless Steel and Meteorite range.  

Location: Sweden & Czech Republic
Measures Approximately: 65 x 7 mm
Materials: Stainless Steel