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Blue Topaz & Clear Quartz Necklace

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This unique 3 tier pendant is a dreamy trio of blue and white. This necklace looks beautiful over a white tee or upon the skin. 

This eye-catching dazzling stone will turn heads with its stunning electric blue colour. The "stone of genuine love and prosperity in all endeavours," as it is known. Wear this icy-toned beauty to show off your uniqueness and inventiveness while also giving you the courage to trust your choices.

Natural Clear Quartz crystals with defined sharp edges are adaptable for everyday use and may be dressed up for evening dazzle. It's a fantastic cleaning stone that will enhance one's energies and ideas while also offering mental clarity. It is supposed to transfer the energy of the stars to the soul and is known as a "stone of strength." Wearing this crystal clear beauty will help you to balance and harmonise your energy.

Location: Brazil
Measures Approximately: Blue Topaz 8 x 9 mm | Clear Quartz 7 x 17 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Sterling Silver

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