Peach Fuzz: 2024’s Pantone Colour of the Year

Peach Fuzz: 2024’s Pantone Colour of the Year

Emulating energies of warmth, comfort and togetherness, Peach Fuzz is 2024’s Pantone colour of the year, which can help guide your jewellery, fashion and interior decor choices. The Pantone Institute uses a combination of forecasting and research to determine the colour of the year on a yearly basis, which focuses on the connections between colour and culture. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute describes Peach Fuzz to be ‘radiant with warmth and modern elegance’. She believes it to be a shade that ‘effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless’, making it perfectly adaptable for all age groups and personalities.

Peach is an amazing addition to all of your fashion choices: it is simultaneously neutral and colourful, therefore making it an easy colour to add to any part of your outfit, whether that be in the form of clothing, accessories or jewellery. Peach tones can be subtly added into your makeup looks, either to blend in with your skin tone or to lightly highlight or contour. Likewise, they could be incorporated through the addition of a peach gemstone in a bracelet or a pair of earrings, which adds a subtle touch of this enticing colour to your look. 

In direct contrast to the rich, bold and daring Viva Magenta which was 2023’s Pantone colour of the year, Peach Fuzz is peaceful and gentle. Peach Fuzz connects to our innate need for embrace and calmness, whether that be through the comforting presences of family and friends, or spending time in nature. Peach Fuzz can be seen throughout different elements of nature and are a reminder of the beauty that our world holds. The light fuzzy tones are reminiscent of the skies at sunrise: the subtle morning hints of colour set up the day for positive new beginnings. These tones are also present in the evening cotton candy skies, indicating that the time has come for rest and relaxation and the next small chapter of life has been completed. 

Underwater Wonders: Pink Corals and Sea Anemones

The skies, the sea, the Earth and flora and fauna are all elements of the world that Peach Fuzz tones exist in. The underwater equivalent of our peachy pink sunset skies are pink corals, which are life support systems for our incredible oceans. Specific pigments present in corals can make these tones more vibrant when the corals are healthy, which links back to the healing and nurturing elements associated with the colour peach. So long as we look after our world, the corals will retain their beautiful peachy tone, signifying that they are supporting underwater biodiversity and forming habitats for the marine world. Likewise, we can see these gorgeous tones in certain sea anemones, which form symbiotic relationships with various sea animals, creating a safe and harmonious home and haven for them. 

Floral Beauty: Peach Tones in Gardens and Bouquets

On land, peach is a colour often seen in flowers, which are common to plant in gardens or to use in floral arrangements. Roses, tulips, lilies and peach blossoms are all examples of plants which produce gorgeous peachy flowers. When you are next buying somebody flowers as a gift, this is a great colour scheme to lean towards this year: it is both on trend and a widely loved colour for household decor. 


Earth's Treasures: Peach Fuzz in Crystals and Gemstones

Peach Fuzz’s shades are woven into the Earth in the form of crystals and gemstones, further connecting it to our natural world. Its soft tones make it a classic and popular choice in both jewellery and for ornamental use and it can be seen in a variety of both more commonly occurring, as well as rare gemstones. The soothing energies that this beautiful colour brings are perfect for creating a calming and meditative atmosphere, which is reflected in numerous crystals, all of which have various properties. 


Peach Moonstone: The Glow of Lunar Energy

Peach moonstone is an obvious choice to consider when looking towards peachy toned natural gemstones. The colour of this stunning can range from a delicate, pale peach to a more saturated and vivid hue, with strong associations to summer skies at dusk. The distinctive feature of moonstone, including peach moonstone, is its adularescence, which refers to the stunning, slightly milky glow that appears to float just below the surface of the stone. In terms of its metaphysical properties, peach moonstone is commonly associated with the sacral chakra, which is one of the seven core energy centres of the body. This chakra is largely associated with the colour orange, of which peach and therefore Peach Fuzz is a variation. Ensuring your chakras are in balance is an important part of many ancient spiritual beliefs and is a holistic approach to well-being. Peach moonstone is believed to be associated with intuition, balance, and feminine energy and is often considered a stone for healing and emotional well-being. Naturally, this gemstone has strong links with lunar energy and Hindu mythology believes it to have been made by the moon’s ethereal light. 


Sunstone: Capturing the Warmth of the Sun

Sunstone is another mineral in which we can see direct correlation to the natural realm, with the bright flashes of light within the stone resembling the sun. The most common colour of sunstone is a range of warm tones including orange, red, brown, and yellow, but this can also be found in paler peachy tones. The colour variations emulate a sunset on a warm evening and look beautiful against the skin. Sunstone is typically transparent to translucent, allowing light to penetrate it and create a beautiful effect within the stone that is eye-catching and mesmerising. There are different varieties of sunstone based on colour and location. For example, Oregon sunstone is known for its copper content, contributing to its distinct colours and aventurescent properties. This gives a warmer sunset effect and a more autumnal feel. Sunstone is associated with positive energy, abundance, and good luck. It is thought to promote joy, vitality, and independence. Some believe it has the ability to lift the spirits and inspire creativity. Sunstone plays an important part in Norse mythology and was believed to encompass guiding properties. Therefore, it is often used as a lucky charm, deriving from its historical use to assist the Vikings in navigating rough seas. Sunstone was also present in Greek mythology, with it being strongly associated with Helios, the Sun God. 

Scolecite: Tranquility in a Gemstone

The delicate crystal structures in Scolecite and its beautiful, pearly lustre can enhance the pale peachy tones often seen on its surface. Its stunning and subtle colours makes Scolecite perfect for use in jewellery on any part of the body, allowing a dainty and elegant look which is an easy way to dress up any outfit. The comforting and calming colours of this gemstone match its metaphysical qualities, which largely revolve around sentiments of tranquillity and inner peace. It is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension and has nurturing energies that support emotional healing. It may assist in releasing old patterns, emotional traumas, and negative thoughts, fostering a sense of emotional balance. Interestingly, Scolecite is sometimes used to enhance dream recall and stimulate vivid and meaningful dreams. Placing scolecite under a pillow or near the bed is believed to promote a restful sleep and access to higher realms during dream states.

Botswana Agate: Unique Patterns and Peach Tones

Botswana Agate is an eye-catching mineral belonging to the Quartz group, which displays a range of soft, muted colours. It is known for its striking and unique banding patterns, which is generally due to the presence of other minerals. The banding patterns can be intricate and wavy, creating a visually appealing appearance. Botswana Agate can be found in a variety of shades, with peach tones running through many of its stones, making it a perfect choice to include in your crystal collection this year to fall in line with Peach Fuzz. People often incorporate this gemstone into meditation practices based on their personal beliefs and intentions, as it is believed to help with emotional stability, confidence, and releasing repressed emotions. 

Hessonite Garnet: Protective and Peachy Hues

Garnet is a gemstone traditionally associated with deep, rich red tones, but when we look towards specific variations such as Hessonite Garnet, we are able to see subtle, warm peachy colours that are similar to Peach Fuzz. Hessonite Garnet can be transparent to translucent, allowing rays of light to pass through the crystal and light up its beautiful colours, making it a perfect stone to include in jewellery designs. Garnet has always been a favourite crystal for both traditional and contemporary jewellery designs, but Hessonite Garnet offers a unique alternative which can complement different skin tones. Metaphysical beliefs surrounding Hessonite Garnet focus strongly on its protective qualities, which shield the wearer from negative energies and influences, creating a  barrier against psychic attacks and unwanted spiritual influences. It is additionally associated with focus and prosperity, which come hand in hand. Through enhancing mental clarity, one can make better informed decisions and boost motivation, which can lead to increased success. 

Grossular Garnet: Hope and Empowerment in Peach

Other Garnet varieties, for instance Grossular Garnet, can likewise be seen in shades alike to Peach Fuzz. Usually, these kinds of Garnets are a green colour, hence they are named after the botanical term "gooseberry" (grossularia in Latin), which can resemble the colour of gooseberries. Hope and empowerment are the energies brought from this particular kind of Garnet, as well as enhancing your sense of self by encouraging you to make wise decisions. This kind of gemstone is seen in a variety of colours and shapes in jewellery and is a wise option to go for this year, given the Pantone colour of the year forecasting. 

Celestobarite: The Blend of Celestite and Barite

One gemstone which is not so often discussed, but is nonetheless a fascinating choice for gemstone lovers who are looking to incorporate Peach Fuzz into their collection, is Celestobarite. Peach, coral, cream and salmon are the tones most commonly found in this distinctive stone, which are flattering colours to wear in jewellery. Support and guidance are strongly associated with Celestobarite and it allows us to instil harmony and peace into our lives. Whether this be between friends, family, lovers or in the professional world, this is a perfect gemstone to keep in order to manifest strong and healthy relationships. The blend of Celestite and Barite are what gives this stone its unique and balanced properties, both physically and metaphysically. 

Whatever your current colour palette, Peach Fuzz is a tone which can seamlessly be paired with any tone, whether it is bright and bold or monochromatic and neutral. Expect to see Peach Fuzz in abundance this year, in all elements of your life!