Men’s Jewellery Collection: Gifting Different Styles

Men’s Jewellery Collection: Gifting Different Styles

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Men’s Jewellery Collection: Gifting Different Styles 

While jewellery historically may have had feminine associations, this is certainly not the case any more. Equally popular are the dainty, elegant styles of jewellery as the more chunky or experimental looks. The growth in popularity of a wide variety of styles has meant that jewellery is more versatile and is not perceived to be limited to a particular gender or aesthetic. 

Choosing The Perfect Piece

Buying men’s gifts can prove difficult, but the gift of jewellery is always appreciated, especially when the occasion is a major birthday or milestone. Whether it be for an 18th or 50th birthday, an anniversary celebration or simply a thank you, men’s jewellery can be kept for a lifetime and even handed down to future generations.

Classic Looks: Sterling Silver and Meteorite

For an understated look, you may choose a sterling silver band, either in its classic form or with a decorative twist to add a unique touch. These are perfect presents for men looking to incorporate a simple piece into their look, without drawing too much attention. Wearable on any of your fingers, sterling silver rings are extremely versatile. 

For those who are looking to keep the appearance of a classic band but with something additional that makes it really special, a Muonionalusta meteorite ring could be exactly the solution. These bands are in a simple shape and at first glance appear to be a traditional ring. However, these rings are made from extraterrestrial material, meaning you will literally own something from out of this world. When you look at these unbelievable rings up close, you will be able to see the ‘Widmanstätten pattern’ of crystalline iron and nickel, which is unique to meteorite material. Their classic shape means these bands can still be worn casually, or even as wedding bands. If you are buying jewellery for somebody who loves to have a meaning behind each of their pieces, this one will certainly provide an impressive story! 

Selecting a Gemstone

Gemstone rings are also available in mens styles, with flattering thick bands which provide the perfect setting for the gemstone. You can select from a range of gemstones, with the meaning behind the stone also providing an interesting story to associate with your gift. Black gemstones such as Black Tourmaline or Onyx are known for their protective qualities and are said to transmute negative energies. Their bold black look also looks striking and makes the ring easy to pair with other jewellery or outfits of any colour scheme. If you are looking towards something with a pop of colour, mens gemstone rings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is a stunning choice with the most amazing vivid blue gemstone. Turquoise varieties are loved for their qualities such as peace and joy, which is reflected in the bright colour which undeniably brings smiles.

Alternative Styles 

Skull rings are another style that is both chunky and decorative, if you are looking to buy a more bold statement gift. These are ideal for those who dare to stand out. Our skull rings feature gemstones as eyes and these can be found with a number of different crystals for a uniquely haunting yet cool look. 

If you are buying for somebody who is often seen wearing smart attire or enjoys dressing up, a pair of gemstone cufflinks could be a special gift to give. These come in colours from jet black in the Apache Tear Obsidian, to the neutral Astrophyllite to the dazzling fiery rainbow Ammolite. 

Thick chain bracelets are another way to accessorise as an alternative for those who do not opt for rings. Our chunky bracelet styles would look great as standalone pieces or paired with a watch. 

Finding the perfect piece is important when buying for somebody special and we love to be a part of your journey. Popping into our St Kilda store or giving us a message or phone call is the best way to chat, so we can help you figure out exactly what you are looking for!