What is Crystal Cleansing?

What is Crystal Cleansing?

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Your crystal, whether it be one, two, or 50 (we don't judge!), may be needing a little TLC... so how should we help them out?

You may have come across the term 'Crystal Cleansing' (and not mean the physical, cleaning of debris from the stone but the spiritual, metaphysical cleansing of the stone). But what exactly does this actually mean? 

We first have to understand the nature of crystals and how they 'behave'. And the most fundamental thing to know is that all crystals store energy. They become more in tune with your energy the longer you connect with it, absorbing the energies that it is trying to protect you from. And after time, they need to be replenished to be able to continue absorbing these energies (much like our need to sleep after a long day).

So that's where 'Crystal Cleansing' comes in...

Crystal cleansing isn't just about making the stone physically clean, but also about clearing out the energies associated with it.

While there is no charging method better than another, there are several different mediums you can use to start cleaning your crystals. 

First, we have moon cleansing. Using the full moon is a traditional way of clearing energies. Placing your crystals in the direct moonlight or on your window sill, it is thought that a full moon can supercharge your crystal and release its withheld energies. This can be done anytime during the shadow phases of the full moon (three days before and after the full moon). 

Another cleansing technique is with the Earth itself! Dig a small hole and place the removed soil into a jar with your crystals, placing the closed jar back into the hole and covering with more soil. Leave your crystals embedded for a week and voila! Your cleaning is complete! 

A finally, there is water! There are two methods here: running water and moon water. It is thought that running water, with its movement, can cleanse the stone effortlessly. Moon cleansing is essentially the same as moon cleansing, but placing your stones in water. 

This being said, we do not recommend your crystals or crystal jewellery to be submerged in water as some stones are more fragile than others. Some stones like Opal have very particular water compositions within its stone so adding water to it may affect its colour. Or drusy stones may trap water in its intricate crevices, exposing it to long-term water damage, as well as fossil structures, which may be distorted over time from water exposure. 

Finally, our favourite way to cleanse crystals is using Palo Santo!
Palo Santo is a Holy wood from the Palo Santo tree on the coast of South America. We use this wood as an incense, burning it to create a gentle smoke that releases medicinal, spiritual and therapeutic healing properties for both you and your crystals. Simply, burn the wood for 30 seconds, letting it extinguish itself. Carry the stick around your environment with a specific intention in mind, and let the swirls of earthy, citrus musk dance around you.

All in all, there is no definitive research that has proven cleansing to work on crystals. But as all things on Earth accumulate knowledge, there is never any harm in giving it a go for good measure! Better yet, with every purchase with us, you will receive a complimentary Palo Santo stick to cleanse your crystals yourself!

We'd love to know what your favourite cleansing techniques are! Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below with our MIE family!