Quartz Flower With Hedenbergite Inclusions Pendant

Clear Quartz has been used throughout history for meditation, spiritual development and healing. The energy it emits is warm and attunes with its wearer working to balance and protect ones aura. Further enhancing a direct flow of positive thoughts and feelings, each quartz crystal can also assist in retaining calmness and clarity in all situations.

Rare Hedenbergite is the stone for transition, paving a smooth road for the journey ahead of you. Manifesting success and patience, this mineral will help you achieve all your goals and promote new relationships.

For further info please refer to Melody's Book, Love is in the Earth– A Kaleidoscope of Crystals

Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Measures Approximately: 55 x 45 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver
Suggested Chain: Fine Belcher
Please Note: Price is for pendant only. All pieces shipped within 48 hours from our Melbourne Gallery.

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