Tibetan Turquoise Ring

With beautiful blue to green colours and a lovely black interwoven matrix, this gemstone ring creates an amazing lustrous effect. Turquoise stones are grounding and protecting, providing a soothing energy and bring peace of mind. This natural beauty can be worn to bring “good luck”. When used in business, it has shown to increase sales.

Turquoise stones generate the highest vibrations of love, positivity and tranquility. The vast shades of ocean blues and sea greens, imitate the feeling of calmness after a storm and remind us not to lose focus of the journey ahead.

Location: Tibet
Ring Size: 60
Stone Measures Approximately: 13 x 10 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Sterling Silver
Please note:All pieces shipped within 48 hours from our Melbourne Gallery.  To resize your purchase, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

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