Moldavite Necklace

A natural glass found in only one location in the world, Moldavite is a gorgeous deep green tone that formed over 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic. It is the product of a meteorite hitting the earth. It is the only gemstone known to have extra-terrestrial origin and holds great potential of inter-dimensional access of galactic energy. It brings it's wearer vibrations that optimise ascension and illumination. This crystal's energy will allow you to "see" more clearly and "see: beyond your vision. 

This beautiful Necklace has a gorgeous green glow with its delicate facets and flattering teardrop shape. This stone can be worn as an everyday piece but is elegant enough for an evening look. 

Location: Czech Republic
Stone Measures Approximately: 22 x 14 mm
Approximate Carat: 14ct
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Sterling Silver

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