Amethyst Oaxaccamer Diamond Pendant

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Found only in Oaxacca, Mexico, Amethyst Oaxccamers are a unique type of quartz. Named after their likeness in formation to the famous Herkimer Diamond of New York, these crystals are short, prismatic, doubly terminated crystals with a high lustre and well-formed crystal faces that gives them a 'faceted' appearance. Unlike Herkimer Diamonds which are colourless, these crystals are tinted purple with amethyst.

These beautiful purple-hued crystals are an extremely powerful attunement stone and are often used to assist one in maintaining a connection with another being or group.

Many believe that this this powerful specimen will improve odds on longevity and to reduce the ageing process. Wearing this stone will also create an intense protective force field around all persons, plants, animals and objects, which will prevent any negative forces from taking hold.

For further info please refer to Melody's Book, Love is in the Earth– A Kaleidoscope of Crystals

Stone Location: Oaxacca, Mexico
Measures Approximately: 14 x 12 mm
Materials: Hand Crafted 925 Polished Sterling Silver
Suggested Chain: Fine Cable
Please Note: Price is for pendant only
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