Our Story


The Made In Earth namesake began in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia by Founder, Head Designer and Creative Director, Bunny Bedi.

A jewellery brand focusing on semi-precious gemstones we are dedicated to bringing our clientele a selection of high quality stones from extremely rare to well-known favourites, sourced from across the globe. Each piece of our one-of-a-kind jewellery has its own unique story and serves as a reminder of the beauty of our natural world. We continue to create and be inspired by the endless possibilities of mother earth.

With the launch of four galleries since 2011, each Made In Earth location can be found in a cool, eclectic neighbourhood. Our Melbourne gallery, in the heart of St Kilda, opened in June 2013 to join our other USA based locations; Venice Beach, California and Del Mar, San Diego.

Stepping into our gallery, Made In Earth’s welcoming energy transforms your jewellery experience through visionary interior design, expert stylists, and a variety of rare-to-everyday stones on display. The industrial-inspired gallery carries an exclusive range of over 150 gemstones, crystals, fossils and meteorites from across the globe along with a 500kg amethyst geode from Brazil taking centre stage. Our ever-changing jewellery collection guarantees a unique visit every time.

Each one-of-a-kind piece has its own story to tell from where it was sourced, how it was formed to its spiritual significance. Focused on the natural beauty of each stone, we use 925-sterling silver for all handcrafted designs allowing the gemstone to be the hero of each piece. At Made In Earth we remain cutting edge within the jewellery realm by frequently experimenting with the latest cuts, polishes and industry innovations.

Nature Creates, We Enhance…



Bunny Bedi

Made In Earth’s Founder, Creative Director, and Head Designer, Bunny Bedi has always worked within a creative field, having worked as a chef for 10 years before establishing Made In Earth Australia in 1999.

It all began when Bunny came across a piece of Malachite and was instantly attracted to it. This gem, known as the stone of transformation, was what began his life-changing journey into the world of natural gemstones.

Selling his unique designs at Melbourne’s designer markets, Bunny’s business blossomed quickly and he soon began wholesaling and has since developed a strong reputation for high-quality gemstone jewellery with a long list of retailers across Australia.

Always striving for perfection, Bunny pays particular attention to the cutting and setting of each individual stone. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the endless array of colours and patterns, the gemstone features as the centrepiece in each of his designs.

Opening a flagship store in Australia has been a vision of Bunny’s and in 2013 he made this dream a reality with the launch of the Made In Earth jewellery gallery in the heart of St Kilda. This unique space showcases each gemstone in the Made In Earth collection and is one of the largest in Australia.

Bunny’s positivity, passion and drive are an inspiration to those around him and this energy is evident in the magical gallery spaces, exquisite jewellery and his knowledgeable team.